1. Keepsake your memory, by making your baby’s hand and foot prints, Moms and Dads can capture the best memories of your own baby’s childhood. We deliver you a very unique and personal gift since the replicas are printed directly from your baby’s hands and feet. The replicas will be real-sized, detail and uniquely shaped according to your baby’s hands and feet.

2. Personalize and high memorable value. Moms and Dads may also enclose all your baby’s memorable stuffs such as Hospital bracelet/tags, Baby’s Name board, umbilical cord clamp, 3D Ultrasound photo, first positive test pack, first shoes, clothes, mittens or socks or any other baby’s favorite items. They will be placed in a frame with the replicas.

3. High quality Product. We provide a high quality and exclusive wooden frame and use special paint color of the replicas which moms and dads could choose : Gold, Silver and Bronze. We also add baby’s name plate informing your baby’s name, birthday and baby’s age

4. Home visit and Delivery service. For our best service, we do home visit and delivery service to your home since we understand that your baby will be more comfortable if he/she is in his/her place when we do the casting process. We will deliver your 3D Portrait to your home in 6-8 weeks since the casting process.

5. Professional service. To reach customer satisfaction, we provide personal consultation about which package is the best for your beloved one. You can contact us directly via WhatsApp +65.83502699

6. Baby Safety and comfort. We use natural product to make the cast that touch directly to your baby’s hands and feet skin. It is proven safe and comfortable since the casting process only takes about 1-2 minutes for each hand/foot.

7. High durability. Moms and Dads can enjoy your best memories for years until you might even don’t realize they grow up so fast. The replicas can last longer since they made from high quality product and packed in an exclusive frame.

8. Never ending innovation. We always try our best to make new innovation to capture your best memories of your beloved ones and family in 3D Portrait. We do cast not only baby’s hands and feet but also baby butt, baby boy genital, face 3D Portrait, baby’s belly button, and adult hand for company formal ceremony/event, and elderly hand cast for birthday gift or anniversary gift. The also offer a gift voucher to be given as a gift of a baby birth.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detail information and order : sales@3dportrait.sg